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Close 1. GuppY

The official web site of GuppY.

Web site

The personal web site of the creator of GuppY.

Web site

Close 2. Web server

EasyPHP is an installation package of an apache web server, of the PHP scripting language and of MySQL database (which is not needed for GuppY) for your PC running the Windows operating system.

Web site

Close 3. Licences

The web site of the GNU (GNU's Not Unix) official organization. They are the o­nes who published the GNU public license. They are defending the software packages published under the GPL license.smile

Web site

CEA, CNRS and INRIA, three French public research organisations, released CeCILL in july 2004. CeCILL is the first license defining the principles of use and dissemination of Free Software in conformance with French law, following the principles of the GNU GPL license.
CeCILL is also perfectly suited to international projects. smile

Web site

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